About me

Hi, very happy to see you!
My name is Melanie, I`m a 28 year old freelance artist based in Ham, Belgium.
Jules is actually my dog (I don’t like the sound of my own name in English) whom I really love. Besides him, I also love details, lots of colors, experimenting, a warm cup of tea and a good glass of wine, science, sports, the sun and so much more.

But Jules art lab is what I love doing most: creating! It doesn’t matter what I'm designing, illustrating or making from scratch… This world is my happy place and I'd love to welcome you to it! So have a look around, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook where I'd love to chat with you!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a specific idea in mind! 
I'd love to discuss the possibilities for your personal brand, personalized office supplies, customized family portrait, business of thank you cards, new logo or a unique card for your special day or cute newborn.